We created an engaging content experience that stops and holds a customer’s attention while communicating the benefits of Oculus’ products.

Branding | Motion Direction | Animation

Oculus In-Store Kiosk

This content highlights how Oculus can help consumers travel the world, and worlds beyond, in VR. By featuring how the platform can be used to power social connections, workflows, entertainment and education, the content demonstrates how VR is accessible for all consumers, not just for hardcore gamers.


Oculus Go

Each vignette was also created to be modular, so as new experiences are released, the content can easily be updated and scaled seamlessly. Instead of the traditional mixed reality promotion, we wanted to create a more ownable way to showcase VR, blending 2D and 3D animation with live action footage. This product portfolio tells one Oculus brand story, while featuring two different products for the first time side-by-side. The content would be rolled out at Best Buy stores across the nation.





Motion Direction


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Carlos Foxworthy, 2024