Working in house at WarnerMedia I was brought in to develop the brand identity for a top-secret new streaming service - one that would appeal to an ultra-wide fan base while leveraging each of their studios’ massively popular entertainment franchises and programs. The task was to bring clarity to HBO Max, including it’s evolving value proposition, marketing strategies, and overall product experience.

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Branding All in One Place

HBO Max is a brand built on culture-defining content. From films, documentaries, and original series to the Warner Media Discover catalog of brands, HBO Max has expanded its reach into a plethora of content types and platforms.

To create a cohesive brand that works across all types of media, we helped to build a simple and nimble system that is highly functional and unified across the platform for marketing, digital and social. We drew upon a wide array of services on this one - Strategy, Branding, Design, Animation, Website Development, Toolkits, & Editorial.

360 Marketing

Working with HBO Max for the past three years, a lot was learned about what it takes to build an airplane while it's in the air. The interesting thing about this process is the branding and the marketing design were developed in tandem. This is an unusual process but it made sense in this instance. A brand only works if it works in practice. Which we had a ton of! From Banner ads, OOH Billboards, Social integration & takeovers. As the brand evolves bespoke content is created to push relevant messaging to targeted audiences.


Brand Language & Systems

When you're creating content for a wide variety of platforms and audiences, it can be difficult to keep everything consistent. But we knew that the brand needed standards for consistency in placement, scale, and duration across all assets. The result is a unified visual, compositional, motion and typographic language no matter where or what viewers are watching.

Visual Identity

A gradient is more than colors. It's a strategy that reflects the spectrum of content & audiences. We helped to build that into a brand that highlights while not distracting from the hero of any streaming platform: the content itself. Branding is only as good as how it's executed in the market. And like any good brand, it's all about how audiences come to feel about it—and what they'll remember.


International Guidelines Site

When you're launching a global streaming service everything needs to be aligned. From the way the brand looks to how it behaves, every element must be consistent and on-brand.
That's why we created HBO Max's Brand Platform: a set of guidelines that keeps international teams all on the same page by establishing a cohesive experience for users. The platform includes language translations and animations to help explain the rules clearly—and they're designed specifically for HBO Max's visual grammar, so they feel right at home in the interface.

The platform also includes backend tools that allow for easy updates so that everything is kept aligned with  evolving brand standard



Studio Partner
Juniper Jones

Creative Director


All of the work on this site is a collaboration with many talented people. If you have questions about specific projects and the team involved please don’t hesitate to reach out to me on my contact page.

Carlos Foxworthy, 2024